It is possible to get acquainted with the terms of the assignment on media measurement on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the following link

It is possible to get acquainted with the Rules of the tendering process on media measurement, rights and obligations of the Tender Board at the following link

To participate in the tender participants shall submit the following package of documents in pdf format certified by the signature of the CEO by August 31, 2022 to email of the Association

1) an application signed by the tender’s participant, with Russian translation;

2) copy of the identity document of the top executive officer;

3) copies of constitutional documents;

Foreign legal entities shall submit legalized documents specified in subparagraph 3) hereof, legalized extract from the commercial register or other legalized document certifying that the foreign legal entity is a company duly organized and existing under the laws of a foreign state, with Russian translation;

4) supporting documents for opened rights of use of the technology and software on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan (or letter of intent to open these rights in case of winning in the tender within the context of the cost proposal), with Russian translation;

5) technical documentation with description of qualitative and operational factors of media measuring equipment, putting into service, technical and economic calculations, as well as the term of the project implementation, with Russian translation.

Supplying technical and economic calculations, the tender participant provides updated information on cost of the equipment and necessary volumes of this equipment to the tendering authority.

In case of any questions on the assignment the tender participants can write them to email